Toe Jam Puppet Band
T H E M E     S H O W S
From schools and libraries, to festivals and large-scale theatre performances,
Toe Jam has a show to fit ANY occasion or venue!
The Toe Jam Puppet Band GREEN SHOW!
All the critters that call Earth their home are invited to share in Toe Jam's interactive Songs,Puppets, and Activities. TOM & VINNY's high energy nonsense helps remind us what a great place this is to live and why we should take care of our planet. With songs like "Do the Can Can", children will learn about the importance of recycling and how everyone can help keep the Earth clean. So folks, bring your kids, and kids, bring your folks to "The Toe Jam Puppet Band's GREEN SHOW!
Variety Show
Toe Jam Variety Show features interactive songs, stories and puppets, including a barn dance, a flying laundry song and a car wash song where the kids get sprayed with water! The Toe Jam Puppet Band performs the following theme shows upon request....


Toe Jam Halloween Spooktacular...trick or treat with Toe Jam’s all
original Halloween songs & puppets. You may ask, “What Can I Be For Halloween?” well... Toe Jam will dress up the kids in their kooky Halloween gear and dance some spooky dances like ‘Do The Frankie!’ (as in Frankenstein!) The show is full of Toe Jammy Monsters and silly string too. Boo to you!


Arrgh...The Toe Jam Pirate Show is here! Toe Jam’s newest theme show! Arrrgh! Dance piratey jigs with the Toe Jam crew like, ‘The Skull & Crossbones Square Dance,’ and a line dance called ‘Pirates Arrr Funky,’ where the kids become dancing Lobsters & Seagulls & even dancing Sharks! Come in all your pirate gear and climb aboard and we’ll have a Piratey Celebration! ‘

Toe Jam Winter Variety Show... The Toe Jam Puppet Band's Winter Variety Show features an appearance from Vinny’s extraordinary puppet creation that blows a snowstorm through its nose! The show also includes a Penguin Line Dance and a variety of Toe Jam's favorite interactive songs, dances and puppet shows.


Toe Jam Bug Show...featuring songs and stories about creatures you’ll find in your yard, garden and sometimes in your house!...songs about ants, bees, spiders, worms and a mouse that lives in Tom’s house!...You’ll be served a tasty treat from the Swamp Restaurant where you can count the bugs dancin’ in your soup. Toe Jam has ants in their pants and flies on their ties...they love bugs, but they’re not sure why...They just do!

Hoe Down  

The Big Toe Hoe-down... Howdy pardner! ...come y’all for a country square dancin’ party, Toe Jam’ll be doin’ the do-si-do while sittin’ on a cactus...and to do Toe Jam square dancin’ you don’t need any practice.... Is your town full of weeds?... well, fear no more ‘cos Lawnmower Man is here! And you’re the mower in this one of many unique interactive dances...join Toe Jam in this fun-filled, hee-haw, barn dance!


Toe Jam in Outer Space... All aboard!... Countdown...4-3-2-1-zero... Blast off! ... into outer space with the band as they play their new original songs from their new CD, ‘Toe Jam In Outer Space!’ The show features a spacey dress-up puppet show and some crazy anti-gravity dancing!